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US Army sniper manual

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Hey guys I haven't found any links to any military sniper field manuals on this forum. Here is a link to FM 23-10, which is the older us army sniper FM. They had a revision when the M110 SASS came into service and they re-wrote the entire manual when they determined that the m2010/M24E would replace the older M24(a1,a2). Despite being a little old a lot of the information is still useful even in airsoft. The most useful chapters are 2, 4, and 5 for airsoft snipers(imo). The rest of the chapters are still a good read though! Enjoy!

That website also has the basic infantry FM. FM 3-21.8 is also a little dated, however most everything except the MOUT operations are still current SOP's. It might also be a good read if you are interested in learning about how a Designated Marksman should operate in a normal infantry squad. Typically the DM would take the place of the Rifleman(RFLM/R) in the typical US Army infantry Fireteam.

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I used that manual to become a sniper. Its perfect for airsoft. It has really given me an edge over other snipers on the field. Better training makes better soldiers and this proved that for me. Highly recommend it guys, it gets the Bushmaster Seal of Approval.
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