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UTG/Clone Stock modification

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So I look and look and searched...and didn't find what I'm looking for, if I missed it please direct me in the write direction and the mods can delete this.

I'd like to know if anyone has gone mental enough to convert a solid stock to a folding stock. I know it would be a rather ambitious undertaking and may not work but I'd like to give it a try. Has anyone else attempted or looked into undertaking such a mod?

I'd like to achieve this not only as it would further my quest to convert it from a L96 clone to a L115A3 bastard child, but also because if I can make it fold it will fit in my Pelican case and I won't have to go drop another ~$180 for the longer case.

Thanks for your attention.
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I'll take that as a no....Mods feel free to delete if you so choose.
you could probably just buy a used folding stock from the clone l96 that has the folding stock.
Sorry no one got back to you. I believe I saw someone attempting this half a year or a year back. I don't remember the details, but it involved installing a makeshift hinge to each side of a cut all the way through the stock.

It didn't look very professional, but I believe the owner had it quite sturdy by the time he was done. You'll probably have to play it by ear for the most part, however.

@Silentfury, There are a few different stock models for clone L96's, but I think the closest it gets is an adjustable/chrome buttplate. I just searched for it, but I'm blanking on the brand so I couldn't find it. Folding stock is something different altogether.

Unless you know something I don't!
if so, a link would be great
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I was looking and for some reason i couldn't find it. :/ I thought it was the well, but i am probably mistaken. sorry.
The Tokyo Marui L96 has a folding stock. But that stock would likely run me in the 100s of dollars and at that point I would just sell on the UTG and grab a TM one and mod from there. I will save the major surgery on the new toy for later, then hack away at it once it's put in some good service. Thanks for the replies guys.
The tokyo marui doesn't have a folding stock, the ares AW338 does but that is about the only gun I know of that does.
After further review, I can confirm that octobernight is quite right. I'm not sure where I got my info from...doh! Thanks OctoberKnight
If you got the ares, you would really have to mod the stock.
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