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Well yeah selling a barely fielded UTG l96.
I modded the hopup so you can`t use anything besides .36 or they will fly literally straight up. Quite amazing watching .36 float down range with it. Well yes.
Also comes with a bipod.
I seriously sent bbs down to 240-250 feet human sized target. Confirmed hit with my lovely assistant Shane who seriously volunteered to do it.
Testing proof video.
For sale. 90. Shipped to USA Only. With shipped price. 110.
Seems steep but it comes with a tuned modded hopup and I will clean and lube before sending it off to you. And if any of you are reading now I`m working on a racing pistol.

Next up. Something that could be used as a spotter weapon or converted to a dmr. And lets not kid. It looks pretty nice.

Almost brand new VFC Platinum M4 with like new KA CASV RIS
Comes with complete VFC Platinum M4 with the CASV installed.
Original parts included

Mags, all highs except the Bravo Flash mag
4x MAG
2x APS
1x Bravo Flash
1x Unknown

Gun $350
CASV $150+Shipping from HK ~$180
Extra mags + magpuls ~$90
Total ~ $620

Asking $450 Shipped Near brand new....
Or $350 Shipped without the CASV.

Inner barrel/hop up, nylon handguard and everything are all there just not pictured. sell/DSC01922.jpg sell/DSC01923.jpg sell/DSC01924.jpg sell/DSC01925.jpg sell/DSC01927.jpg

Thanks for reading and remeber to PM.
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