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UTG L96 barrel question

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Well my dilemma is that I want a tighter bore barrel than the stock barrel and I'm sitting here trying to find one that will fit the stock utg L96 hopup and I cant seem to find one (or atleast be sure) since I'd rather not buy a barrel just to realize it wont fit my stock hopup. I know I could solve this problem by buying a PDI hopup but Im trying to find a way around that due to personal preference
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Your trying to avoid the PDI hop up chamber? In all honestly, the stock chamber is a good design, but it's terribly executed, and most TBBs that I know of for that length are AEG cut, unless you get one custom made. I think you'll have to succumb to the PDI chamber unless you feel like waiting for EdGI or PCT to custom cut you one if they don't have any in-stock, unless other companies started to make them.
*Puts head through wall* Completely forgot about the HP chamber.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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