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utg l96 cocking bolt.

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My l96's cocking bolt has gone really stiff. I recently upgraded the spring and now I have to wiggle the bolt to drive it home. I have put the other spring in and it makes no difference. Can anybody tell me how to make it cock smoothly again? ???
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First thing is to make sure everything is seated properly in the cylinder. Check the piston sear for any abnormal wear as this could be a culprit. In addition check to see there is no wear on the piston. If that doesn't work, check to see if the cylinder slides smoothly by itself inside of the receiver.
Fixed it!!! Turns out the bolt handle wasn't screwed on securley and kept wobbling.
Same thing has happened to me many times, every week I need to tghten my bolt handle again
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Try teflon tape or blue loctite to keep that screw from sneaking out.
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