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Selling UTG L96.
Comes in ACU I know EWWW. Nothing 3 dollars of spray paint can`t fix.
Comes with a tuned and modded hopup system gets rid of your crap hopup arm thats fingers are known for breaking or the arm breaking it self.
Its set to be a more powerful hopup system thats why I can take shots at 240 feet with .36 with stock internals. Proven with our target called Shane who volunteered. His quote " It just felt like a flick nothing much at 240 feet"
Next fps wise it does 430-440. Wish it was hotter but this is field limit for me.
Comes with 1 metal mag.
Comes with a Tan rifle wrap
Comes with tri rail
Comes with bipod.
Comes with .36 grams bbs.
Has been fielded once. The rest of the time I`m just sending .36 gram bbs and sniping toy trains with it. (Trains are the size of 2 quarters across and 1 tall.)

Some want why I`m selling this rifle. Reason. My G&P is part hungry. Need more reason to buy more random stuff lol.
Also trades accepted.

Again for sale 110 dollars. 130 Shipped.
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