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UTG L96 small gold pin.

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I was upgrading my L96 with a new spring when this little fella fell out of the trigger box. The gun won't lock at the end of the bolt pull and i think this little piece might have something to do with it, where the heck do i put it back?!!? Also if i can't put it back, whats the cheapest fix?
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Ok, first, make an intro post in the beginners section

Second, use the search feature. I know it doesn't take three letter words, but looking in the clones section

Third, remember i is Important.
I don't have a UTG, but from what I've seen, that pin doesn't look like a trigger sear to me. It looks like a pin for the bolt handle and/or safety switch. Are you sure it fell out of the trigger box?
When I pulled the trigger box from the barrel it fell out. So I would asume thats where it came from.
The trigger box is not attached to the barrel...

That looks like a locking pin in the stock trigger mech - the cheapest way would be to put it back, if you can't find where to put it, just buy a new mech/box.
Thank you for the clarification, can you should me where to to put the locking pin back?
Unfortunately, no. My first upgrade, with barrel and hopup, was the Zero Trigger, and my stock one never fell apart or wore out, so I didn't take it apart.
My friend has an old well L96 do you think its possible that I take his old trigger box and use it on my gun?
OR... Just take his gun, and be really careful with it, and see where that pin goes!
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Hey bent the barrel the barrel like 50 degrees when he tripped over a fence so its useless XD
That pin actually does'nt have anything to do with your problem. It only holds the bolt handle at 45 degrees.
Cheese Man said:
Then just use the trigger mech...

This is the best advice. If your friends gun is useless, just take his trigger mech and use that instead.

This will give you some time to save up for a zero trigger.
I am pretty sure that Inthetallgrass is right, I had the same problem and freaked out. It goes into the bolt handle, not the trigger mech.
sniper4ever said:
I am pretty sure that Inthetallgrass is right, I had the same problem and freaked out. It goes into the bolt handle, not the trigger mech.
That pin looks a little odd compared to the one I found in my rifle (on the bolt handle).

However, I never found a piece like that in my trigger mech either. I would take apart the trigger box and see if anything is out of place. Even if that piece goes to the bolt handle, you still have a problem with the rifle.
It's out of the bolt handle (like tallgrass said), there is usually a tiny little spring that goes with it.
I had this fall out of my bolt when I was cleaning my internals. Although, this pin does look abnormal.
It's just in a spring in a tiny hole to the sides of the piece(There should be two)at the back of the bolt. This.
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