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UTG L96 Teflon DIY

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Hey guys, I looked around and couldn't find a thread answering this specific question for me: I'm getting the UTG MK96 and I want to start upgrading it right away with DIY upgrades and I'm wondering exactly where do I put teflon tape in the gun to increase the FPS? A detailed description or some pics even would be very helpful cause I'm a sniper noob (not to experienced with the lingo for internals) , and I want to get the most out of my gun. Any help on this would be very appreciated.
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Also put some around the bucking (where the bucking and the barrel meet), then after re-installing the barrel into the hop-up you can also wrap Teflon tape around the hop-up chamber and the barrel (where they meet). I'll put some pictures up when I get the chance if someone doesn'tbeat me to it.

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Regardless of whether it's necessary or not, it doesn't hurt to do so. You may as well take all precautions to make the rifle better than to leave something out thinking "It's not necessary." I do it anyways.
This is a very interesting read:

Teflon on the bucking is neither good nor bad. Just depends on preference and understanding the trade-off which is explained in the link above.
Thanks for that link there about the teflon-ing the bucking, if its true than I probably won't touch the bucking. But about the hop-up, do I just cover the whole thing with teflon, leaving no holes anywhere, thats what the pictures look like in that link but I don't see how you could adjust the hop-up that way so I'm kinda confused. And also, for the cylinder head and hop-up, how many layers of tape is recommended? As many as I can fit or will one layer be enough?
I do both (Around my bucking, then also around the hop-up chamber). I have never personally had a problem with groupings or with the tearing of the bucking. I guess it's still personal experience/preference.

As for how many layers around the cylinder, i usually wrap it about twice very tightly. Teflon tape isn't very strong so the threads will tear the tape so you don't want to only put one wrap of it on.
Ok, but I think I figured out my hop-up question, correct me if I'm wrong though: You only tape the seal where the barrel goes into the hop-up and not the body of the hop-up itself?
Only where the hop up meets barrel ---(|
- barrel
( teflon on hop up and barrel
| hop up
O.k. thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate it :)
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