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UTG L96 upgrade help

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Well everyone said this to me so make a intro post. This is how go to the beginner section and as a subtopic you should see introduction. That is the wrong kit and with all kits like that they are usually crap. Here is a link to the gun that the upgrade kit fits in. . The upgrade kits if your looking for cheapy but maybe sucky go with the Evike rebrand. I think they are decent not the best.
Here The kit. Saying this is around the fps of the standard L96. So if you don't want new sear. You dont have too I just recommend it.
I don`t know if this kit your have to use your piston cup but someone will come help me soon.
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Yeah, I saw numerous warnings on other posts about the danger this spring poses to my trigger. So I bought an upgraded UTG metal trigger, which is currently backordered somewhere in Japan
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Currently (dont ask why) I have the new spring in there, but with the old barrel and hop up. Will the new shorter barrel and hop up mirraculously fix the accuracy problems i am still having at 200 and even 150 feet?

Dont jack my post bro!
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Thank you very much. Do you think the spring suggested by nelson would be a suitable upgrade? Furthermore, how do I clean my hop-up/ lube the internal parts, and how would that make a significant difference? I hope I dont seem dim, I just want to understand WHY I should do things, not just that I should do them..
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