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This post was annoying me because it was so long and outdated. I got a Maruzen and used the UTG for scrap parts. Project is done.

It was my first time using a clone as a basis for a project (or for anything other than the stock), so I was trying to get some intel. Anyway, just get bar-10's, everyone
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I was thinking the exact same thing as you. I'm looking on for upgrades and i emailed their tech support and they said since the UTG is a clone, it should work with the maruzen upgrades, but they're not sure. Wow, that was one huge run on sentence. Yeah, I'm thinking of upgrading the spring to a 210 spring, new piston, ball bearing spring guide, and I would need a stainless steel sear. Just think, shooting aluminum .3 gram bb's with that sucker. If you do find good upgrades, message me.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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