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Hey guys,
First post, well second if you count the intro.

I just picked up the hated/loved UTG MK96. I am a DIY'er and am wondering if I should wait until the 120 UTG warranty expires before I should crack the bolt open, remove barrel for cleaning/spacers?

I have read on here from a few people that they will just send parts if you get the right person on the phone. Does that mean that if I teflon the cylinder head and then the guide randomly breaks that I dont have to send the cylinder back?

Things I want to do:
Teflon cylinder head
Barrel spacers
Paint stock and barrel
Remove orange tip (I know "illegal", my risk)
New O-ring on piston
Taper cylinder head

Will all/some/none of these thing void my warranty with UTG/Leapers? Or will they never find out when I call to say my trigger box broke because i only have to send back the broken trigger box?

Just looking for some experience, thanks guys.
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