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UTG MK96--Different Opinion

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Being new to the forum, I hope I have put this thread in the right section (yes I did read the rules). Being about the UTG Mk96, I think I am in the right section.

With that said, I would like to input my opinion about this cloned rifle. After reading about how many people state kids who get a UTG rifle are noobs, who expect to become a real sniper like in the movie Shooter, has made me come to a conclusion. While agreeing with Mosin ( who I admire greatly) and other valuable sources, who feel some UTGers are noobs, I also feel not everyone with a clone is this way. Personally owning the utg Mk96, I have learned a great deal about the role of becoming a sniper.

1. FPS is not everything (when I upgrade my rifle I do not think upgrade spring to make my rifle shoot 550 fps--need other upgrades first :) )
2. Higher end rifles like the maruzen type 96 are of high quality
3. Clones come with poor quality construction, due to the fact that they are mass produced by the millions
4. To be a serious sniper, upgrading your gun (not just to a powerful spring) is a must
5. Potentially becoming a sniper requires more skill than just having a high quality rifle
6. Using a sniper rifle will not allow you to get head shots left and right nonstop from long distances 24/7
With all that said (sure there is more), I feel that even though I have a clone, I understand that I am not some "hot shot" with an amazing rifle. In fact, I am the opposite of that. In my time as being a sniper, I have found that patience and other skills are key. Sure I could blast away hundreds of rounds at the enemy with an aeg, but I prefer the role of sniper. More skill is involved and has helped me learn a great deal about air soft in general.

What I am trying to say is that, not all "UTGers" are noobs who think they are all great. In order to get better, I need to learn new skills in the field, and also need to upgrade my rifle, in order to become a more successful sniper/competitor in the world of air soft.

Upgrades for now...
PDI Hop up
Barrel Spacers
Firefly Hop up bucking
6.03 Prometheus Tight bore barrel (650mm)
Mad Bull Quicksilver Barrel Extension

I know this is repetitive because of other threads with this kind of talk but I really want to get my point across that not all "UTGers" are complete noobs.

Please give me your opinion on this. I hope I made sense and give me any advice you have.

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Very good post, +1 for actually reading the rules and posting it in the proper section. Please don't take the opinion that I believe ALL UTG/WELL/Clone 96/24 shooters are noobs, and aspire to be just like the guys in Shooter. However, from the over 20 something operations and events I've attended in my short two year span of being a very active airsoft player before I enlisted, I noticed that more often than not, the members who didn't take the time to properly invest in a solid bolt action rifle usually did not take the time to properly invest in what role they're actually playing. More often than not using the Wal*Mart ghillie suits, or the leaf camo patterns, wearing vests that were all black in a woodland environment, and not bothering to put vegetation in their suits as well as even put facepaint on.

Believe it or not, I started out with a UTG M234, and that wasn't because I wanted to get in the role quick, it was because I did not have the money due to my own financial status as well as my mothers (Only being able to go out with friends and do stuff after a birthday or x-mas, or if I happened to mow a few lawns that week) it made me appreciate the rifle more. I'm very pleased to see that even a clone shooter as yourself can note the flaws that we point out numerous times to many other snipers in the game, and more often than not are flaws that are blown off, until you see a bolt handle snap off of a cylinder during a game, or a hop up bucking shred and cause sparatic shots all over the field.

Being a clone sniper by no means should discourage anyone from the sport, that's why they are they in the first place, so the person that wants to see what it's like can get something of decent enough quality to fly straight for a hot second and don't have to spend $800 to get there. Also, I thank you for admiring what I've brought to the community, in all honesty I'd like to think it's more or less the senior members like Phridum, Woogie, Vindicare and Livonia that really help contribute to why this forum is as good as it is.

Very respectfully,
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I completely agree man. You hit it dead on with saying that it requires patience, staying hidden, and being a team player. This is a big factor that the average person does not invest time into doing. I mean, statistically (And this is completely made up, more or less from my personal knowledge of members on this forum) just by registering on airsoft sniper you're already taking the next step in perfecting yourself on the technique of getting the job done. Hell, I'd be foolish to say I know everything, even having been trained by school trained USMC Scout Snipers and seasoned airsofters alike. But the main point I'm getting at is usually the people who are members here are more than recognized at almost every game out there, I still go to games and hear talks about Livonia or Tex or Oakey or Embed or whoever else about things they pulled off years ago. And just doing quick google searches alone on some of the members on other websites you can see that in various places their word is the rule all. We even had the 6mm deer hunter guy on here for a little span of time getting knowledge and contributing, and as far as I can remember he's been something of a big deal in the European side of the house for quite some time.

I honestly thank this forum for bringing all sorts of different aspects of players around the world to one place, regardless of the weapon they bring with them.

Airsoft Sniper Administrator
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It was cool man. Got me really fresh with land navagation and learning how to properly stalk. On top of now being able to ruck out 50 pounds worth of MRE's and water and bullets and stay up for stupid amounts of time just watching locations. Overall completely badass, but like any good training... It sucked doing it!
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