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UTG MK96 Spring Replacement

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I'm in search of a replacement spring for my UTG MK96. I need to know what company actually sells one that will fit the stock set up. I've tried looking at the PSS2 spring by laylax but I'm not 100% sure it will fit. Any suggestions?? Thank you..
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The PSS2 'should' fit. The PSS96 springs will definitely fit though.
I cant find any PSS96 springs anywhere.. Any websites have them in the US?
Actually, disregard what I said. I don't even think they make PSS96 springs. I'm positive that a PSS2 spring will fit though. Sorry about that.
Yeah.. All I can find is PSS96 spring guides.. Ok, so the PSS2 will fit?? Just to ease my mind, does anyone have the outter diameter measurement fot the PSS2 150 spring?
I put a PSS2 170sp in my CA M24 and it fit perfect.
durtboy17 said:
Yeah.. All I can find is PSS96 spring guides.. Ok, so the PSS2 will fit?? Just to ease my mind, does anyone have the outter diameter measurement fot the PSS2 150 spring?
Most stock type 96 springs are 10 mm or .4 inch OD, most aftermarket pss2 springs are .5 inch 12.5 mm OD. if you are getting a 150sp or greater I would highly recommend a 9mm spring guide. and yes the 12.5 mm will fit in a type 96 cylindar. I have a pss2 170 sp in my well mb01, mb05, and mb08 (all are type 96)
Ok.. Thanks for the input.. The problem I'm having is that the spring itself will not fit inside the aftermarket piston I bought... I've already did a lot of custom work to the piston and would hate to have to buy another aftermarket one just so I can use bigger springs... Newbie, what kind of results are you getting with the 170??
I make people cry and want to stop playing at 200 ft. I usually play in some thick forest so a line of sight longer than 200 ft is very rare. I have my hop up and scope dialed to be dead on at 175 ft and if I have to go beyond 220 I adjust my aim using the mildots in my scope. Occasionally I will take it out to my "range" and shoot 100 yarders for fun. It is pretty accurate and powerful using .4 g bb's
LMAO!! Good stuff.... I finally found a spring!!! Called leapers and they sent me the stock one.. Because I've customized the piston so much, it is so light that I'm getting 525-550 fps shooting .32s.. Oops.. :) Thanks for the input newbie and keep people crying dude.. Snipers may not always be present, but we're always on someones mind.. -Happy Sniping
Dang man, that's some high FPS results. What all did you do to lighten the piston?
I work at a machine shop and had the piston put on a lathe to shave excess weight off.. In theory, as long as the piston is intact to drive forward, you're ok... So far so good. The piston is kind of a hybrid in a sense.. All custom.. Works like an charm and is very quiet I must add...
Awesome, watch you don't get it too light or it could break. Also lighter pistons tend to propel lighter bbs better than heavier. Depending on the weight, something such as Bioval .27 or .30 could work better than heavier weights such as .40
ok i'll try that.. i'm getting pretty good distance with the 32's.. I made a kill shot over 100 yds two weeks ago.. the guy was at a downhill angle but still.. not bad for less than $200 in upgrades.. like in my other thread, i'm going to experiment with the w hold bucking and an scs nub to see what happens.. also i found something interesting that works really good for a nub.. pull the in side of an ink pen out.. the inner plastic piece that holds the ink.. perfect for a nub.. adds a lot of hop..
I've also heard of taking a bit off of the metal rod inside of the cylinder for one. Yeah, I would say that the .32g would be more effective than the .40g because of piston weight. I'd stick to those; are they Bioshot? If so, how do you like them? I want to order some.
They're ok... I do have trouble loading them into my mags though. Thats really the only problem. As far as consistentcy goes I'd give them an 8 out of 10. I found a new company called Airsoft Alpha that makes a 32g so I'm going to give those a shot. One standout from the Bioshots is that they are polished. I'm going to see if that makes a difference. But yeah, by all means order a bag and give them a shot..
Yeah they're good bb's.. Do you have trouble when loading your mags though??
Not at all. I will say, however, that all of my spring-fed mags are kinda old and I only fill them to about half capacity.
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