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UTG MK96-Upgrade parts?

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I recently posted a thread about the SOCOM Gear R700 (which I am probly going to get) but just in case it doesn't turn out good, my second choice is the UTG MK96. On the site I found it on (Airsoft GI) there was only one upgrade: a 6.01 tightbore. Where could I get more upgrades (if there are more)? Is an L96 replica expensive to upgrade (I don't have alot of money and won't get much)?
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Any upgrade from Maruzen will work in the UTG. If you just plan on trying out sniping, and don't want to upgrade immediately, than the L96 is for you. Pretty much any sniper rifle is going to be expensive to upgrade.
Maruzen rifles ---> Maruzen hop up and disassembly guide. Should have 99% of what you want to know.

On the other hand, with any stock rifle you're going to have to get down and dirty for good performance. At the very least you'll need to degrease everything, clean the barrel, and shim or tweak the hop up in some other way.
Its good to hear the the MK96 is good out of box and stock. Sounds like my kind of rifle. But where could I get upgrades?
Go to They will have what you need.

Get a new hop up chamber, cylinder set, and an inner barrel... Then you will be good to go. Look at the thread I made ... can give you a few tips and things to do for the rifle.
I went to AirsoftAtlanta and found what Woogie said to get. For the cylinder sets, what is the difference between HD and VC? Also, will the PDI hop up chamber really let me use AEG tightbores?
The HD is a hard piston head.... And the VC is a vaccum piston head. I have the HD plastonite cylinder kit in mine.

The hop up chamber will allow you to use an AEG barrel no problem.

Just remember to get a 9mm spring though. That is one that I forgot, but as I am keeping the stock spring... not needed.

If you do plan on getting a stronger spring... I would suggest looking at the zero trigger as well.
I am not so well versed on the HD and VC, but what i know is is that VC stands for Vacuum Compression (better compression).
What is a "nubbing"? Where could I get it? BTW I am going to get the MK96 because it's very good stock.
The nubbing (nub) is the buffer between the hop up arm and the rubber. SCS (shredder's concave spacer) is a good one. You can also mod your own concave nub.

Generally in the L96 a concave nub is the way to go as opposed to a cylindrical or H-nub. The PDI chamber's design isn't perfect but doesn't have as much room for modification as a vsr-10's (although you can do a decent amount) so a flat top-down adjuster isn't a great idea.
UTG has a Power upgrade kit thats pretty cheap I did a review on it on the MIA Main forum here is the link

And I just necroposted sorry.
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