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UTG MK96 upgrade path

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Ok well here it goes guys..

After looking and hoping to get a maruzen rifle to upgrade. I was thinking to myself.... why... you already have an L96 us it and upgrade that to the fullest like you have your Bar10's.

So after reading Fuzzy's post,, I took to the web and started looking for parts. I was at a lost for finding the parts that I wanted all on one site. So I took to my favorite site for airsoft,, and of course they had all the parts I was looking for.

Now I already have the UTG MK96. As well as the PDI plastonite cylinder set, and Zero trigger. I also have the Aero chamber, which please people stay away from, as it sucks hind tit in all things.

So here is the list that I have came up with with prices, now mind you I only have $350 to spend on the parts, this includes shipping. (all prices are from )

1...Type 96 AI Hider Type 1 4,998 yen $56.4744
2...Type 96 barrel flute 13,965 yen $157.7961
3...type 96 barrel flute short 10,878 yen $122.9149
4...Type 96 hop up chamber 4,998 yen $56.4744

Inner barrels PDI

7371 yen 6.05mm 430 mm $83.2879
10,080 yen 6.04mm 430 mm $113.8980

Option choices

# $ $ + 6.05 $ + 6.04
1,2,4.... $270.7449...... $354.0328 ... $384.6429
1,3,4.... $235.8637...... $319.1516 ... $349.7617

Now I would love to get the shorter fluted barrel and put a suppressor over the extra length of barrel. So the question is what other barrels will work with the PDI hop up chamber? The cheaper the better, just as long as it will give great performance. I do have a mad-bull V2 in my gas GBB and I love it, so this may be an option as it was only like $30 or so. So not really a deal breaker.

I have all of the parts for the rifle, so none of that is needed. Just hope to hear of what type of barrel would work great with this set up.

The one thing that I am worried about is the fit of the outer barrel to the receiver of the UTG. I would assume that it would fit, but it really wouldn't sup rise me if it didn't. So has anyone put one of these on a UTG? I know lavionia, I know I butched that so I am sorry man, has one on his, but again his is the maruzen for which it was built for.

Thanks guys, and can't wait to hear all of the great advice...

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Any aeg barrel should fit the pdi hop up chamber as well as aeg buckings. I would recommend the prometheus barrel which would cost around $70. On airsoft atlanta they have one that is around 455mm. Not sure if that length would suit you, but its the closest one I could find. However, I too have had experience with madbull barrels, and they are pretty solid for their price. There would be nothing wrong settling with one of those either.

I do not have any experience with the outer barrel compatibility to the receiver. I will leave that one to Livonia. However, so far the mk96 has been compatible with every maruzen upgrade part I have put into it. I would be somewhat disappointed in UTG if they did not make it so that their barrels were the same as of the maruzen.
Yeah I was thinking last night that I do have a 303mm 6.01mm PDI barrel, I could use and it would be 30mm short... not sure how much of a difference that would make or not.
You could always buy a longer barrel (430mm) and switch it out with the 303mm barrel depending on where you play. Kind of like what you did with your g spec, right?
Yeah that is true... Would love to get that short barrel.. The only thing is that is takes a 333mm barrel. I suppose I could get a longer barrel and just cut it down and rebarrel.
Yeah, I would get a longer one and just cut off alittle to get you down to a 333mm barrel. And if you do this, will you be using a supressor with it or no. If not, using a flash hider could cover up the extra bit of inner barrel exposed, and you would not have to cut it.
Yeah I am planning on running the AI flash hider on her. So I can screw the end off and use the supressor that I have currently.
Well placing order as I type this.

Getting the hop up chamber, Type 1 muzzle break, short barrel, and a spring. Should get soon to see what she looks like. Will get a write up when the stuff arives.
Great! Good luck man, cannot wait to see how she looks. ;)

Edit: Let me know if you have any questions about the pdi hop up chamber. I forgot to install the small o rings the first time
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Ok not a problem... The parts and stuff should be here in a week or so. I do have a Madbull V2 6.03 barrel I can use... Will just have to cut it down.... so that should be fun :S
Got the conf. from X-fire... parts shipped today! Should be here next week some time depending on how customs is.

Will start a new thread and link it to fuzzy's so they will go hand in hand, if that is ok with fuzzy that is.
Yep, thats fine with me ;)
Ok ..... Will get some pics going and start a write up and see what I can't come up with...

Oh and just so you know..... everything I say should be stickied.... as all I say is great.
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woogie said:
Oh and just so you know..... everything I say should be stickied.... as all I say is great.

Excited for pics. And just to let you know, some pics of my field will be up today in my summer loadout thread...hopefully.
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Well I got the parts this morning and WOW!! The finish on the parts is astounding.

The flutted barrel is awsome, but the flutes are sharp ;) For those wanting to get this barrel for your MK96... make sure you can tweak and fit it to teh reciever. I had to dremmel mine down a little bit as well as take a little off with a saw. But I got it to fit and it looks great.

The flash hider that I got is great looking. Very solid. With it on the end of the barrel I am able to fit the inner barrel though it and into the can itself. No modding to that to make the barrel pass through.

The hop up chamber.... well.... what to say about this .... but it is a pain to get that little o-ring into the chamber. But got her in and she is shooting great! Took me a little bit to figure why my bolt wasn't going forward though. You just need to make sure that the two set screws are in enough not to block the cylinder head.

I just got it all put together and it is drying right now. I messed up the barrel a little bit after it got stuck in my reciever.... this was before I shapped it to fit. And to say the least my hands are a bit raw from trying to take it off.
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Yeah, those little screws are a pain in the ass. The cylinder head kept hitting them and I was so pissed. If you purchase the high arms from pdi, the screws will not have to be adjusted up as high, and can sit lower in the chamber. That way they do not get in the way of the cylinder head and still provide decent hop.

And that little o ring.....Lets just say I needed some tylenol after that process. :(

Glad you got everything to work out alright. What barrel did you end up going with? Madbull?
Yeah I just took the 6.03 AK length out of the gbb rifle that I have.

So far she shoots like a dream. Can't wait to take her to a game and see how she does. Now the only thing that is stock on her is the reciever and stock. Everything else has been changed.

And she looks................................ AWSOME!!!!! Will get some pics when the paint dries.
Ok Update guys...

While out on a build day at my local field, we had a quick game just to have some fun. Well I forgot to bring all of my ammo and tools, so I had to go with my .25s and keep the hop at what it was when I installed it.

Well I was shooting well below people to get the round to hit, but the shots were straighter than straight. So very happy with that. Now just to get it set up with probably .30's or something around there. Don't want to heavy, but not to light either.
woogie said:
Don't want to heavy, but not to light either.
Ah, I love the heavy weight madbull .4 bbs. Despite only shooting 400 fps at the moment with .2s, I just cannot stop using those gosh darn heavy bbs

I would like to try out some .3 bbs, but I haven't bought bbs that light for my primary since 2008 ::) Maybe with my next order I will give them a try.

Also, how did the rifle feel out there? Like is the weight of the rifle evenly distributed? I ask this because I do not know how heavy that fluted barrel is.
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The rifle isn't that heavy to be honest.

It feels really ballenced and really nice feeling. The one thing that I don't like is the mags sticking a little bit in the rifle. Just need to do a little sanding to make them pop out better.

But yeah all in all it is really nice. If you are lookig at getting it, I would say go for it.
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