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UTG MK96 upgrade suggestions

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I'm going to be upgrading my UTG MK96 from the ground up. Everything isn't going to be bought at once and I have about $110 to spend in the first wave of stuff. I would preferably like to get a piston and barrel first and no externals whatsoever (it looks fine). Any one have suggestions for the noob?
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First off, there's no need to make threes threads on the exact same topic. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

Refer to the stickies in this section of the forum. There are a few on this exact rifle that show how to disassemble, upgrade, silence, and do very helpful DIY mods. In my opinion, this rifle is pretty easy and fairly cheap to get shooting out to about 80-100 yards.

This rifle shoots pretty fast out of the box. I would recommend the PDI hop-up chamber, bucking, and a nice tightbore barrel for your first upgrades. You should also do every DIY mod that is available (they are cheap and help a ton).

I actually prefered the HP chamber over the PDI, but both should give you great results. Upgrade the barrel, chamber, bucking, and nub first and you are set. Then move onto the trigger box area including the piston. Last upgrades should be the spring guide, cylinder head, and cylinder itself.
Yeah, the three posts was a complete accident.
Agree with fuzzy on the hp hop up, way cheaper for the same performance. and with his recommended upgrades accuracy is more important than velocity to start, in my opinion
Alright, thanks for the help.
I actually just recommended the PDI because most places carry it. I did have the HP hop-up chamber in my rifle. I sold it the day after installation though, so I can't say much on it. A PDI tightbore and that chamber did however allow my rifle to throw MadBull .40's out to just short of 100 yards fairly accurately. The rest of the rifle was just purely stock.

The HP chamber is so much cheaper also. It think mine was around $25; great deal!
I'm all PDI besides the Barrel, spring and trigger.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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