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UTG MK96 Upgrades?

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Me and my friend who play on the same airsoft team were looking into upgrading his UTG MK96 so it would shoot around 500fps with .28gs or higher as a team project. But we were wondering is it possible?
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This is a highly debated subject, with research to backup both claims. But let me give it to you straight up.


Here is why:

UTG is an off-brand company, a Clone*.. If you will. They make weapons/gear in a mass production in the cheapest possible fashion while still giving the average joe an idea on what the actual things are like, this brings both good and bad things to the table, the good being that it shows kids exactly what can happen while trying to perform the tasks of an airsoft sniper, it teaches them something of patience, and shows that you don't need to have 6 high caps to drop a kid. However, it brings a bad taste in snipings mouth because the range of these rifles are just that of a weapon just a tad better than say.. A stock TM, or any stock AEG for that matter. Which means 75% of the time, you'll find that you can outrange the kid, and thus beat them. However that other 1 in 4 chance, he'll lace you farther than you can dream of. This puts a bad perspective into the snipers eyes because they think that all weapons perform this way, and thus.. They attempt to upgrade their cheaply mass produced Clone*.

Now, back onto the clone subject, and the subject at hand really.. A clone really can only handle factory standards, the trigger assembly is made out of the cheapest plastic you can possibly make, and the cylinder and other metal components are made of the lowest pop metal* you can possibly find. The weapons are also tested and rated to be able to fire only what they produce. So in theory, yes.. You could get it to shoot in the 500's.. easily. However after anything from 3000 rounds, to even your first shot. Expect that trigger assembly to break, which means you have one of two options.. Replace it for $45, or buy one that'll withstand it for $120 (A Zero Trigger). Then once you've done that, you'll find that you no longer have a safety, and you'll also find that your bolt handle will more than likely shatter from the cylinder.. Because chances are.. You haven't properly been recycling your rounds (Unlike the real military, in airsoft. You need to have your thumb over the back square like piece, to support your cylinder and not put any unfair pressure on the piece itself.. Most newer snipers will usually grab right onto the extension of the bolt (The actual handle) and fly it back).

Anyways, if you want it shooting in the 500 FPS with a .28 (Roughly 560ish with a .2... I'd guess). Then you'll need to do some serious upgrading and modification, and doing it on a Clone* is just something that you will find having more and more problems with, than say.. A Maruzen or a Classic Army.

Clone*: A cheap mass produced Knockoff brand style of weapon, they usually attempt to "Clone" already made, but more expensive weapons, and use cheaper parts and mass produce, to be more available to the general market.

Pop Metal*: A style of metal that uses scraps from various different pieces of metal, and melts it down and reforms it. This is very unstable metal and isn't reccomended to handle anything high stress/high intensity.
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You can use all the same upgrade parts that are available for the Maruzen.

You're not going to have more problems just because it is a clone, if you upgrade any gun improperly, wither it be a Maruzen, Classic Army, what ever. You're going to have problems with it down the line.

You'll want to talk to Livonia for references to where to purchase L96 parts, he is the know about that stuff around here.
Right, but a trigger assembly on a UTG is a lot less durable than a trigger assembly on a Maruzen, not to mention the quality of parts are lower. My Maruzen for example has a stock trigger assembly, and I handle a 550 FPS spring just fine. However a UTG trigger assembly will shatter.

If you're looking to get a 560 FPS rifle, don't start out on a UTG platform.
Right, but any stock trigger assembly is going to do that after a while. If you're going to upgrade a rifle to it's full potential it doesn't matter what base rifle you choose.
I agree with Mosin on this one but I'm still the newbie here :(. But anyway overall the higher end rifles are just overall better. I've used a UTG l96 and my VSR-10 and I still think no matter how much that UTG Were to be upgraded it wouldn't out perform a Maruzen or even a VSR. Somewhat like Mosin said Mass production= Crappy quality. I view it like food, Fast food isn't anywhere near as good as the higher end restaurants no matter how much ketchup salt what ever you put on it. Mosin I always thought it was pot metal not pop metal? Note: I'm still knew to sniping overall so my opinion doesn't mean much.
Ehh, my uncle used to call it pop metal, because it would pop off of stuff reletively easily. But either term does the job.

Even still after the upgrades, he'll find himself more happy if he builds off of a Maruzen base than a UTG base, considering the stock qualities are way different. I know when Doc had that UTG L96 that was upgraded and preset to about 575 with a .2 it just felt like a cheap piece, however Livonia's feels a lot more solid and sturdy because the stock is something that Maruzen got right.

Also, my other buddy dropped a PDI 300% spring into his UTG, and his trigger assembly shattered at the first rec game I played at (My old Team TEHN, his name was..Vargas I think?) but I've been playing with my custom cut spring which put me at about 536 with a .2, and my trigger assembly has easily been going since the day I bought it from Tex (It's a stock Maruzen one).

I've picked up and evaluated both, and the Maruzen uses a stronger style of plastic (Maybe ABS?) but the UTG trigger assembly feels like the stock of one, like that cheaper lighter plastic (Fill plastic?).

Reguardless, if you want a rifle shooting maximum performance, go with the strongest stuff for everything, and don't skimp out on anything.
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well after reading your posts he is going to see if he can trade it in and get a different sniper rifle. Since we have quite a few airsoft stores that will buy or give you store credit for it in this area (southern va).
Brand names, brand names, brand names. That is all I hear comming from you Mosin. If you are going to completely upgrade an L96 why pay $300 more for a Maruzen? I have a UTG MK96 that is completely upgraded, $1700+ invested, and it does not feel cheap or shot crappy even with a 300% in it. Sure if you plan to keep your sniper stock then a Maruzen is better, but if you are going to upgrade the hell out of the thing then there is no point in wasteing $300 just because it says Maruzen on it.
The total on my gun with the initial price and all the upgrades and accessries was about $1400. That is not including shipping, labor, or the custom work on the stock, as I did it myself. Here is a list of upgraded:

First Factory 3 element piston
First Factory power accuracy piston head
First Factory 7mm/9mm spring guide set
First Factory taper cylinder head
First Factory teflon cylinder
First Factory zero trigger
PDI SPR250% variable pitch spring
PDI SPR300% variable pitch spring
PDI SPR380% variable pitch spring
PDI hop up chamber
PDI duralumin fluted outer barrel
PDI duralumin receiver
PDI high long scope mount
PDI L96 real flash hider
PDI bolt end screw
PDI barrel spacers
Guarder bolt handle
EdGI 6.00 Mega Tightbore inner barrel
Madbull sharkfin hard type bucking
Custom DPM woodland camo paint with rubber grip on the cheek rest and grip
Foamed stock
Sealed stock seams

Leapers 3-9x 50 red/green illuminated scope
King Arms 6"-9" bipod
3 magazines
Plano locking aluminum rifle case

Look on ASR it is listed there under springers as Heavily Upgraded MK96, I don't know how to post pics on here.
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All I have to say is have fun when the stock snaps inhalf right in your face.
Thanks for the backup Rabbit.

Glad to know some people still know on this forum the legitness of a Maruzen.
I haven't followed this thread but while browseing through latest comments I saw that link and got curious so I clicked it... AND WHAT? You gotta be a member to see that "ad"... >P
Yo, all you got to do is make a photobucket profile (like Livonia and others on here) and take pictures of the "mysterious, blows the Maruzen out of the water clone sniper rifle" with a digital camera. Then upload the photos to your computer using a USB cable by attaching it to the camera and the back of your computer. Upload it to any folder you want. Next, go to your Photobucket account and click "Browse" and you can open the folder in your computer and upload it there. Once done uploading it on the website, you can take the IMG link and post it here. Just simple as that.
Why the hell are we still posting here, the guy has already decided that he'll change his mind about the clone (Thank God)

I still want to see those pictures man, until then, I won't believe shit.
Mosin, my stock trigger assembly housing was shattered within 3 months it was upgraded to 500, and that is a Maruzen Housing.

I have spent easily almost 2 grand on my rifle including shipping. Once you upgrade all your internals, especially the hopup all that sets it apart is the low quality stock. It will shoot the same, but it wont feel the same.

like Mosin said, if you plan on making a beautiful rifle, the Maruzen stock is where its at.
My Maruzen trigger housing AND bolt handle broke after about 4 months of use. It lasted 2 Rec games and 3 OPs. I would upgrade the trigger then the bolt handle. But those are two keys parts. Also, dont look at cheap alternatives like a UTG stock, ect. The Maruzens are crafted for upgradeable use.
That's weird, my Maruzen APS-2 Trigger Assembly held up a CA 300% Cylinder Kit for about 7 years (The entire time Frostee had it).
so there is no way to upgrade a UTG MK96 ?, from what i see Mosin, you say you need to get a Maruzen.

Couldnt you get a new trigger and spring for an upgrade?
With majority of UTG L96's, some batches make their demensions of the receiver and the outer barrel off of specifications.. Which means that you'll need to spend $100+ for the PDI Receiver, and $100+ for the outer barrel, which in turn would mean you're spending close to $350 anyways.. For a cheap feeling stock and weapon.

Not only would you save money in the long run going with a Maruzen, but you could take pride in knowing that your stock is made to handle the beatings and bruises that a normal high quality rifle should be able to take.
Mosin said:
With majority of UTG L96's, some batches make their demensions of the receiver and the outer barrel off of specifications.. Which means that you'll need to spend $100+ for the PDI Receiver, and $100+ for the outer barrel, which in turn would mean you're spending close to $350 anyways.. For a cheap feeling stock and weapon.

Not only would you save money in the long run going with a Maruzen, but you could take pride in knowing that your stock is made to handle the beatings and bruises that a normal high quality rifle should be able to take.
I've never heard or, read anything about this. Where did you see this?
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