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utg mk96 ?

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hey i was thinking of buying this upgrade along with the utg l96 and i was wondering if i would need to upgrade the trigger as well?
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It may seem like a very cheap upgrade except trust me, I have it, and it is a very nice trigger upgrade for hardly any cash :)
I was so warry when I bought it because I thought the internals were the only metal part. Except when it was delivered and I opened it I found that it was FULL metal, and good quality metal too! I was so happy I didn't blow mymmoney on a Zero Trigger.

Although, time will tell how long it holds up... But still a great buy
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Well I am running a Polar Star 90 degree piston with Delrin glide rings, M150 to M170 spring (I use them for different games), a Polar Star 7mm stainless steel spring guide with ball bearing, teflon cylinder... and that's it I believe :)

I don't want to take over this thread from the OP :S
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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