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I agree with fuzzywolly on this one(for once LOLz). The Utg L96 upgrade kit isn't that bad. The Piston and spring guide are pretty decent parts. I have the kit installed in my Well MB05 and although it offers a good fps boost and better consistency the spring will most likely blow-out your trigger box. I haven't had my trigger box blow-out yet, but my rifle is a freak of nature and it's probably a rare case that it has held up this far. However there are some reinforcements that you can do to make the plastic trigger box sturdier by replacing the sears and possibly filling key areas with epoxy, I will be trying to do this to see how well it works and I'll let everyone know if it is successful or an utter failure.

But I wouldn't really recommend this kit to others. It is a little bit of a waste because your going to have to buy parts to reinforce the internals and if your going to do that why would you skimp out and buy a cheap power upgrade kit? It doesn't make much sense.

Edit: Also, I just checked with my Laylax PSS2 spring and found out that it does not fit the upgrade kit at all. I don't know if other types of springs fit, but I'm guessing they don't.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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