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Vector Optics 3.5-10

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Well guys I can't say enough about this company. I ordered this scope on Saturday, though pay-pal. And I just received the package today. So needless to say I am super happy about the shipping and the packaging this company uses. I highly recommend that, if you guys are looking for a scope take a look at this company.

Package received. Nice bubble wrap packing over the actual box.

Packaging inside of the box.

Everything laid out. Rings, two types of scope caps, tools, and a small sun shade with an ARD inside!

Scope on PWD Mr30. Looks great with the large knobs. Very easy to adjust the power of the scope, as well as the elevation, and windage knobs. The mil dot reticule inside is very crisp, and fairly fine.

Can't wait to get this baby out and get some shots through her. But being as I am not feeling the greatest, probably wont be until this weekend. I am planning on a game for the 21st of this month. So will get some in game pics as soon as I can.
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Dutton is just to quick for me today

You can get them right off of their website, but I usually go through Ebay.

The scope itself was around $88 or so, if I remember correctly. And then the shipping and paypal fees. So a tad over $100. Really not that bad for a scope that is very well made.

The glass on the scope is very nice, I am not seeing any kind of blurring, or color haze at the edge of the glass. The picture is very crisp from the lowest setting, up to the max.

The knobs on her are very large and very easy to grip, and nice on the hand as well. When clicking through the rotations, you can hear a click, but there really isn't a click feeling. If you have owned a high end optic you will know what I am talking about. The turrets rotate really nicely and it isn't to hard to stop on the spot that you need.

The side focus on the scope is very nice as well. I like this style of scope a lot more than one that has the parallax adjustment on the end of the scope. This way you have far less movement to adjust anything. When moving through the ranging it is nice and smooth and the image slides from one to another, no stuttering or jerking when adjusting.

The zoom on the scope is just as the side focus is. Very smooth and really nice to move. There is enough tension on the ring to keep it from bumping loose or moving on you. While at the same time isn't so still that it is hard to move.

The nice thing that the scope came with was the 5" sunshade with the built in anti reflection device. The rings are a little on the cheap side, but for airsoft they should be more than ok for the task at hand. Now if I was planning on using this scope on my larger real steel rifles, I would opt for some larger beefier rings.
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