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Very low FPS with my Modify M24

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So, brand new Modify M24,

Out the box, stock (I'm assuming id a 50 because of the color) 50 D bucking and stock spring the FPS, w/ .20s is 425 FPS.

- Stock Spring 70 D Bucking 430 FPS.

- M150 Spring 70 D bucking 437 FPS

- M170 Spring 70 D Bucking 437 FPS

- M190 Spring 70 D Bucking 447 FPS

Every other sniper I have had with a 140 spring I get 500-515 FPS with a 70 bucking, ASG SSG, Sportline MA, JG/ Double bell BAR and TM even the cheap JG M700. With a m150 Spring I get 530 + and never have had to go past that to get 100 Yards with.40 BBs.

This very pricey sniper is driving me crazy. I have checked for leaks and I get the bolt to stay back the bucking is not out of place.

I'm beginning to think it's a volume issue because of how thin the cylinder is but but hey, I'm not doing math to verify my assumption based of a comparison to the other platforms I mentioned.

Any ideas would help, I will fidget with it more and see what I can get.

As a back up, any ideas on what HPA will fit in this bolt system would also help.

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I'd bet that you're not getting the nozzle to seal in the bucking, or the piston isn't sealing in the cylinder.

To test the cylinder, remove the outer barrel, cock the gun, and shoot while you plug the nozzle with your thumb.
If the piston stops, then it's likely between the nozzle and bucking. If that's the case you'll either want to put a narrow band of scotch tape on the inside of your hop chamber, above the feed lips of your bucking. This will squish the bucking inwards a little bit, providing a better seal on the nozzle.
Yeah that has to be a leak somewhere, check if the piston cup is sealing along the inner cylinder wall correctly
Chrono with something other than 0.2s. Might be in joule creep territory.
What Masada said it's like entering a drag race and saying my car's top speed is only 20mph whilst in first gear. Test with the BB weight you will field in game (should be .4 or above)
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