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VFC M82a1 V.2 & Upgraded PSG-1

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I will only be selling one of these, so which ever sells first is all that will be sold.

The VFC M82 has had work a little work done internally. Stainless Steel barrel, Thick plastic barrel spacer, replaced bucking I made, grub screw to hold hop setting, and valve work to hold gas. Rifle is big, heavy as hell, shoots straight, far, and has the ability to shoot around corners in just about any wind. In case you 8mm illiterate people are interested, the 8mm is a sail that catches the wind. ::)

Rifle will come with the Manual, 1800-1900 .45's, .50 Cal Loading tube bullet, and original box.

I originally payed 1525 for this, asking 1250$ to ship US


The trades on this rifle are still intact and have not be ground off or covered. Rifle will come with the original mag, manual, and box. The scope has been tightened down with lock tight to prevent wobble. Installed in the rifle are-

Deans Connectors
Systema 300% Full Tune Up Kit
-Torque Gear Set
Bore up Cylinder
Cylinder Head
Metal Piston
Silent Piston Head
Spring Guide
Tapered 300% Spring (500-550 FPS)
Air Nozzle
Metal Bushings
PDI Chamber Block
Madbull 60 Degree Bucking
Custom Made Concave Spacer
Polished Inner barrel.

This rifle has the ability to over hop .40's if wanted. Using .40's, range of 250-300ft can be expected in the right conditions.


There is easily $850+ in this, hard to tell because of the value of a PSG1 with intact trades.

Asking 775$ to ship US

Do not make any post commenting the other pictured rifles. Yes they are nice, thank you, but tell me that in the gallery. Not here. Nor are they for sale. If you PM me about a price for them do not expect a nice reply back.
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Good luck with the selling.

If you have problems selling to small fish, I'd post it up on AirsoftRetreat Classifieds, I know some people who have gotten good prices for their nice rifles on there.
I will be in contact with you Wanko.... Should be getting a nice check from the guards here soon for my final bonus check.
Tell me for which one and I will pull the ads/auctions on other places
Post them all over man. is a good one.
Why? I already have them ASR, Classic, Ebay, HA, and here? Plus if you know your going to be buying one do I really need to put it up on somehwere else?
Yeah true... I just need to make sure that I am getting that bonus check now. Things are really weird in the guards now. Hoping I still get that bonus and that I didn't get the last one last year.
if you do get the check, which will you be wanting to buy?
PSG-1 all the way

But if you find someone else that wants it before I get the check sell it to them. That is no problem.
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Hey Woogie, just a heads up, right now I have the M82 on ebay with quite a few watchers. Whether it will sale or not, I do not know. If it does though, then I will no be selling the PSG1. Because only need one of the two to sell to get the money I need.
Hey no problem man. Do what you have to do. No hard feelings here.

Off topic..... you got that email I sent ya about the K98?
Yea, those are still on VSR receivers, and quite frankly I think the one I made looked better <_<

Although thanks for going out of your way in sending the email.
No prob... I thought they had said that they wernt VSR..... hmm ... oh well ... Glad I could help a little.
I'll be bidding for it on the m82 on ebay today,and have sent you offers on Airsoft retreat,lol.Freindly offers that is,lol.I'm looking at 2 guns up for grabs,this one and an asahi M60E3 lrb.I have the funds to get either right now,lol.Doesn't matter which,but I'm leaning on the M82,lol
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M82 is ending on ebay tonight, only one bid right now at 800$
Barrett is sold!

PSG-1 is no longer for sale!

(Except for you woogie, because you contacted me about it rather ealier on, if, and when you get that check, send me a PM and we can can work something out.)

This thread can be locked now.
Sounds good wanko... Still hoping to get it. They didn't know at the armory at this moment. Hoping it will be towards the end of this month or next month.
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