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VFC SSR or SR-25

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Stuck between 2 long range AEG's here and would like some input from you guys, on which you would get. Today is a matchup between to complet opposite rifles, the VFC SSR or the Echo 1 SR-25.

Now I know the whole brand thing, VFC is way better than Echo 1, but also on the subject of body durability and upgrade compatibility.

If I remember correctly these are both elongated V2 Gearbox (Increase in amount of air pressure). That being said the VFC I am buying is used and only going to put a $225 dent into my wallet, with the Echo 1 at a cheaper $150. Is it easier to start off with a gun like an Echo 1 or VFC?

I am definitely throwing mods, R-hop, tuning it down to 350 FPS, and a 6.03 inner barrel as of now, this being because I am unsure on how to come about upgrading these rifle.

Which would you get?
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The G&P SR-25 is a very nice platform (I am talking about the WOC GBB serie, which I have seen and fired, twice..I don't know about the AEGs) but the SSR kicks so much behind, you have to get that one and then make me die from the pictures you'll take.

COD on :) (ducks for cover)
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