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VFC SSR or SR-25

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Stuck between 2 long range AEG's here and would like some input from you guys, on which you would get. Today is a matchup between to complet opposite rifles, the VFC SSR or the Echo 1 SR-25.

Now I know the whole brand thing, VFC is way better than Echo 1, but also on the subject of body durability and upgrade compatibility.

If I remember correctly these are both elongated V2 Gearbox (Increase in amount of air pressure). That being said the VFC I am buying is used and only going to put a $225 dent into my wallet, with the Echo 1 at a cheaper $150. Is it easier to start off with a gun like an Echo 1 or VFC?

I am definitely throwing mods, R-hop, tuning it down to 350 FPS, and a 6.03 inner barrel as of now, this being because I am unsure on how to come about upgrading these rifle.

Which would you get?
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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