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Sorry! The battle got postponed to yesterday.

I love them.

My feet have a lot of bug bites.

Do I recommend them for airsoft? Only if you like them elsewhere.
Since they are about $80 for the cheapest pair, I wouldn't go out and buy them just for airsoft. However, if you do have them already, by all means, wear them!

I walked through mud, briars, rocks, brush, logs, everything. After the first battle I stopped princess-toeing it around, and by the last battle I didn't even notice I was wearing them. I wasn't ever afraid of cutting my feet on anything; though if you play in poisonous snake territory, it might not be a good idea to wear these.

I do feel that I was able to walk more quietly, and had an easier time getting a solid footing on rocks and logs than compared to wearing sneakers or boots.

To recap, yes I recommend them if you already own them, or are thinking about buying a pair. I am biased towards them because I already love the shoes so much.

Tip: make sure your ghillie pants or jute are long enough to cover your VFF's. No one wants to see your pasty-white ankles :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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