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I actually own a pair of the komodos... I love these shoes to death, mainly because I was a gymnast for about 10 years and everything I did was bare foot. Be warned though when you wear these you will be using muscles that you never use. The first time I took them out I did a 2 mile walk with a mix of urban streets and the forest behind my house... Notice I said walk! My feet hurt pretty bad when I got home, but after short uses I got them broken in and now I wear them everyday all day.

The cons to using these as a sniper shoe is the simple fact that you are going to be bare foot and your ankles and lower leg are gonna be ripped to shreds in the woods especially if you decide you need to crawl. The other con is that the top of the shoes is very thin and if you ever kicked anything or something landed on your foot it would definitely leave a very unpleasant mark...

On the other hand I see your point in the silent factor. But I will elaborate more when I get home, because typing on my phone is a royal pain....

Sooo back to the silent part. These shoes are by far the quietest shoes I have worn in the woods. I'm not too sure if it is because of the small foot print you leave or the fact that you can feel what your stepping on. For me personally I always look ahead of where I am going and determine the path of least resistance.

Point in case, as much as I love my Vibram Komodos I will be sticking to the my favorite boots just for the extra support and reassurance of step just in case.

Hope that helps! :)

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