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Video To Make Your Own Rifle Ghillie

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i've been watching this guys videos for awhile and i think hes a great sniper. he has awesome gameplay videos and a great tutorial for making your own rifle ghillie. check it out here and watch his gameplay videos too! all credit goes to VaVAnn for this video.
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Have you heard of Ripperkon? He's a German guy that makes some pretty good videos, though, some of his videos are in German, most of them are in English. Here's a link to his channel:
I think he's an actual sniper in the German military.
yeah ive seen his videos on ghillie very nice stuff, he knows whats up for sure.
bushmaster, i see your in ireland. have you played with scoutthedoggie on youtube? he has awesome videos, id love to play in the UK sometime!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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