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Video To Make Your Own Rifle Ghillie

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i've been watching this guys videos for awhile and i think hes a great sniper. he has awesome gameplay videos and a great tutorial for making your own rifle ghillie. check it out here and watch his gameplay videos too! all credit goes to VaVAnn for this video.
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That's a very interesting way to cover your weapon. If I had seen that before I probably would have done mine that way.

I make my Ghillie's with the only net material I could find in my town. I went to Joann's Fabrics and got 2 yards of this stuff:
And at my local hardware store, burlap from the gardening section, 3' X 50' Long for around $14. That's around 16+ sq yards. Great deal!
Like this:
I cut the burlap into pieces 12-18" long (as the roll goes), then cut those in half. That yielded threads from the linear direction, and the cross section of the burlap. (I can't get enough burlap bags here, so opted to buy the cloth)

Yeah, it is a PITA to work with, and it took weeks and weeks to get done. Where I live there is a lot of dead grass and some brush to hide in. So I built around that. Working with 4-5 strands to a tuft, using a crochet hook to pull the material into the netting, and loop it through itself.
But I made a poncho type for the Grandson.
And for me a crawl cape, hat and rifle wrap.
Here is mine:

Covers the bi-pod, obscures scope reflection, and covers the silhouette.
Once some native vegetation is added I probably won't be able to see myself, let alone anybody else seeing me. :lmao:

(I'm retired. So I have a lot more time than money.) :shrug:
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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