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"View new posts in topics you follow."-link

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Hi guys!

This suggestion of mine is an idea I picked up from a Finnish forum that has this same outlook. It is SO EASY when you can see all new answers to the posts you've left with one single link. I don't know about you guys but it is hard for me to search and search the topics I've posted on if they'd have new posts in them. Now someone maybe thinks "Blah blah, there aren't that many topics that you would need any real "effort" to find those you follow." But at least in my view it can be REALLY HARD to accomplish. So this is my suggestion as an update on this fine forum as a step in forward to an even better and finer web-page that man has ever known.
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All you need to do is look for the little blue bubble next to the thread, once you click in that you can look at the actual topic and you'll see a "new" thing written in blue. That is your best bet.
Wow, didn't know about that. I thought that NEW means a new topic, not a new post in a topic.
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