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Viper Hood, In Action

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I think that I will make one of them...
The viper hoods are expensive as shit. This one was bought by another member and I am making the ghillie portion for him. These things are not cheap at all but if I did have the money, I would definitely run one of these all day everyday.
Why not just only do the upper part of a BDU set ;) You don't need to buy that specific kit.
Why not just only do the upper part of a BDU set ;) You don't need to buy that specific kit.
The viper hood allows...

1. Removal and reattachment
2. Hood attached and will not/cannot fall off like a boonie hat
3. Extremely light
4. Can wear a t-shirt under neath on extremely hot days. Great ventilation
5. Easily can be stuffed in pack (considering its small size)

I get what you are saying though woogie. However, Viper hoods are pretty dang sweet and are so light. Almost like you aren't even wearing a ghillie.
How about you buy a Webtex Concealment Vest and cut it to look like a Viper. This avoids the expensive as shit problem.
Yeah not hard to make :p

Just cut up a BDU and you are good to go. Just cut it just below the arm pits, and use the left over material to make a hood, and you are good to go.
But a BDU won't breathe like the viper. I like whisper's idea though.
I think with some mesh and netting I could make my own viper hood without having the "ventilation" issue with a normal BDU.

Now just have to find some mesh...:/
I could definitely use one of those for summer games. Keep us updated Fuzz
That would work.... Though honestly BDU tops don't get that warm ;)
I had a TC Cobra Roid hood. expensive, but worth it!
Sorry for the slight necroish post, but: Fuzzy, Tactical Concealment has some fairly priced nylon mesh that I have bought, and its pretty nice. The ''camelbrown'' color is slightly darker than khaki.

It should work if you wanted to build a hood.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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