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Name : Brian

Experience : I've been playing airsoft since third grade. I'm only in ninth now though, so I guess only six years.

You're arsenal : I've had quite a few spring guns, and most of them are somewhere in the basement now. I also own a JG M4 (broken, something is wrong with the hop up) and a Well Mb02 (I haven't upgraded it yet, but I'm planning on it). I own two pistols, a Crosman C11 and a Cyma G18c (broken, won't shoot at all).

Your camo : I don't have a ghillie suit but I plan on making one soon. Currently I just a camouflage jacket and some pants (I'm not sure on the camo pattern but it's definitely not ACU

What are your other hobbies?: Guitar, baseball, bass guitar

Where do you reside? : Virginia, I play with a group of friends around my age, maybe once a week, usually only 4v4 or so. They only have cheap Chinese clones like me so my guns work fairly well against them.

I've been reading this forum for about three months, and I decided to register since you guys really know what you guys are talking about.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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