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Hello my friendly neighborhood technicians!

As the title implies, I'm in a quest to find a decent air volume ratio between cylinder and inner barrel.

In a nutshell, I'm going to build a DMR AEG (M4 w/ be gearbox) for a friend. Currently he is running .32s but he wants to start using .36/.38 so i find it fitting to start the build by getting a correct volume ratio.

I've read that an industry standard ratio is between 1.5:1 ~ 1.8:1 and that this is used or recommended for BBs between .22 up to .28g.

So what would a good ratio be for pushing as far downrange as possible some .36g bbs?

Mind that the field limit would be 115m/s or 2.4J for that bb weight. (But they measure in m/s not J or fps)
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