Up for sale is a used hopup chamber and inner barrel for a Vsr-10. $115 shipped in
the US for what you see. The hopup chamber is the tried and true Action Army CNC chamber. Few scratches on the face, does not affect operation.

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Plant Wood Textile Flooring Line
Plant Window Sky Textile Wood

The inner barrel is and older EdGi brass inner bull barrel. It’s 430mm long and since it’s a bull barrel it’s steps up to 10mm outer diameter. This came in a rifle I bought second hand, so I’m honestly not sure of the bore. I’d say 6.01 or 6.03. Inner surface finish is immaculate. It has a bridge and included is a stock Marui bucking.

If you want the bridge removed I can do so for an extra $15. Then I will also include a maple leaf bucking and omega nub new in the packaging.