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Ok guys,

I just picked up:
1- 2 bare bones VSR10 stocks, 1 black and 1 wood.
2- A complete VSR10 barrel with the hop up unit and inner barrel.
3- A trigger guard
4- A complete cylinder with bold handle. No receiver.

All for 40 bux!

Now my goal is to build a complete VSR10, what else do I need to get this sucker up and running!

Things I am aware of:
A magazine release button/unit?
Trigger group
Stock/receiver screws
Scope mount

That is all I can think of. Anybody who can help complete the list or help source some of these items would be great!!!

Thank you!

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For the screws - I quote lulukchoo23

"You don't have to buy these screws online, overseas, or from somebody else. All you need to do is go to your local hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes, ACE, literally any old store) and look for these screws.

Trigger Guard Screw: #10-32 x 1-5/8"

Rear screw: #10-32 x 1-1/4"
Front screw: #10-32 x 5/8"

Just some info if you're a newb on screws:

-Numbers before the "x" describe the threading. Numbers after the "x" describe the length of the shaft, in inches.
-The second number can be give or take 1/8 of an inch, but try not to deviate unless you have to. Fitting problems may occur if you do.
-The screws you are getting must be non-tapered (they aren't the pointy kind; may also be called a "bolt").
-Steel is Real, but Brass is good too. Avoid zinc alloy (aka pot metal) unless you have to. The better the material, the less worry you'll have.
-Lube your threads before inserting, or else you run the risk of stripping.
-Any labels like "Round Head Slotted", "Flat Head", "Countersunk Head", or simply just "Round", "Flat", "Countersunk" describe the shape of the head of the screw (the top part, opposite of the tip). Ideally, you want a "Fillister" head, and if not, a "Round Slotted" or simply "Round" head.

You MUST MUST MUST make sure the "head" of the screw/bolt isn't too fat. Otherwise, the heads won't fit in the cutout slots of the stock. If you can't find a screw with a small head, you can choose to either widen the cutout slots in the stock, or buy a "Countersunk" head in which the head will widen the slot itself, or buy longer screws so they can go over the cutout slots and still reach the threads."

I think magazine catches are sold online. I have only found one place in the UK, havent checked US or other.

I also recommend you do the TDC mod if you havent already; check and also look in the later pages for Milo's youtube video, they are both a great help.

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Nice deal, 40$ for all that! Depending on how much you invest in this build you have a nice place to start with. For vsr parts look at xfire , it's Pdi's main distributer they'll have everything you need and more ,including the two main body screw and an assortment of a few others I think. Hope that helps

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I have noticed that PDI has quite a few parts that I need. I am not too sure how much I want to sink into this thing as of yet.

I am thinking it might be smart to see if I can find a bone yard JG Bar10 to get the receiver, mag catch, and trigger.


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You will obviously need a complete trigger box with sears, a receiver, and an outer barrel, if you don't already have one. If the cylinder doesn't have a spring guide/spring/piston then you will need those too. You may also need a few screws, although those shouldn't be that hard to find.

I suppose you have the VSR precision hopup unit + inner barrel? If yes, then you have an awesome hopup and a decent barrel.
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