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Hello, i am not brand new to VSR platforms but i need hellp. I have cm.701 witch shoots really nice but has really bad accuracy.
New Parts that are inside.
AirsoftPro cylinder: Black steel cylinder for VSR , CM.701, BAR10 and Well MB-02, 03, 07...
Airsoft Pro trigger: VSR ZERO upgrade trigger - Gen. 5
Airsoft Pro Piston: Lightweight hybrid piston ZERO for VSR series and CYMA CM.700, 708 rifles
Airsoft Pro M170 spring:

I did these upgrades 1 year ago. Than i had a break from airsoft. I was tired that everything kept braking that i put my hands on. I saved up money and bought these upgrades. Now i have a problem that i need a spring guide and they are quite not cheap :D I want to get Action Army Hop up to, and Airsoft Pro doesn't have one. So i will do order from Skirm Shop. But now i dont know witch spring guide to choose. Because Skirm Shop doesn't have Airsoft Pro parts. Spring Guide
If someone could check their site out and hit me back with a spring guide that would be perfect with the cylinder and piston i have. I would be really thankful.
I already wrote i am going with AA hopup, i dont know if any new good hopup's came out, but 1 year ago it was best on market.
I am thinking of going with this barrel: 430mm 6.03 Inner Barrel for VSR MARUI VSR-10 FN-SPR
I would like to know if this a good inner barrel, or i should go with 6.01. ( i don't care if i lose power as it shoots painfully already, all i want right now is accuracy)
I like to have things from same company, like my end of the gun that is almost all from AirsoftPro and i know it fits perfectly.
Another question is that i want to get a new outer barrel and receiver.
Outer Barrel: Silver Outer Barrel VSR-10
Receiver: CNC VSR10 right-hand tactical up-receiver Silver
And i don't know if they will fit my Cm.701
And i need information what hopup rubber i should choose, so far i am thinking maple leaf 70 degree.
Third problem is my bolt handle, it always unscrews, i tried red thread lock, blue thread lock, nothing works. I mean the vibrations that i get with m170 are crazy.

If someone knows any shops in EU i could get this stuff cheaper, i would love if you shared them with me.
Thanks for those who read this. Il accept any hellp i can get. ( this is my sniper)
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Military camouflage Camouflage Plant Marines Military person
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For a spring guide I'd get something from AirsoftGunsEurope or AirsoftPro, they're probably reasonably priced and as strong as anything you'll find out there.

While the Action Army hop is good, I would also suggest that you take a look at the Tridos TDC setup. Gets you about AA performance, but a bit cheaper.
For other hop chambers that are pretty good, I'd look at TTI, ArchWick, and Airsoft Artistry, they're all about equal to AA with different features and advantages.

Whatever barrel should be fine as long as it is reasonably straight, which you can test on a large window or very flat synthetic or stone countertop. I suggest that you follow my lapping tutorial in my signature, for less than $30 in parts you can make a stock barrel perform as well as an EdGi if you do it right. Of course a newer barrel with a smaller diameter will yield higher power than a wider one, but if 6.03 is more widely available than 6.01 then I'd say that it's still a fine choice.

For outer barrels and receivers, I wouldn't recommend that you go buy those before you get stuff that will make your gun work well. After looking at a few EU shops, I'd say that AA is a good choice, but I'd actually recommend Novritsch more unless you really like the look of AA. Novritsch stuff is a lot cheaper, and is as good as anything else out there.

Your cylinder end piece sounds a bit short, so you may want to sand a bit off the end of your bolt handle cap until you can press it on really hard and your able to move your bolt handle relatively easily. I don't think there's really any other reason it should be coming loose, as most people don't even need Loctite.

I would try and get a Maple Leaf 2021 or 2023 bucking in 70° and up, or maybe ArchWick, CTM or Modify as those are supposed to be alright.

And as for websites, I would look at Taiwangun as even though they have that name, they're in Poland so shipping should be alright.

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