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Hello, i am not brand new to VSR platforms but i need hellp. I have cm.701 witch shoots really nice but has really bad accuracy.
New Parts that are inside.
AirsoftPro cylinder: Black steel cylinder for VSR , CM.701, BAR10 and Well MB-02, 03, 07...
Airsoft Pro trigger: VSR ZERO upgrade trigger - Gen. 5
Airsoft Pro Piston: Lightweight hybrid piston ZERO for VSR series and CYMA CM.700, 708 rifles
Airsoft Pro M170 spring:

I did these upgrades 1 year ago. Than i had a break from airsoft. I was tired that everything kept braking that i put my hands on. I saved up money and bought these upgrades. Now i have a problem that i need a spring guide and they are quite not cheap :D I want to get Action Army Hop up to, and Airsoft Pro doesn't have one. So i will do order from Skirm Shop. But now i dont know witch spring guide to choose. Because Skirm Shop doesn't have Airsoft Pro parts. Spring Guide
If someone could check their site out and hit me back with a spring guide that would be perfect with the cylinder and piston i have. I would be really thankful.
I already wrote i am going with AA hopup, i dont know if any new good hopup's came out, but 1 year ago it was best on market.
I am thinking of going with this barrel: 430mm 6.03 Inner Barrel for VSR MARUI VSR-10 FN-SPR
I would like to know if this a good inner barrel, or i should go with 6.01. ( i don't care if i lose power as it shoots painfully already, all i want right now is accuracy)
I like to have things from same company, like my end of the gun that is almost all from AirsoftPro and i know it fits perfectly.
Another question is that i want to get a new outer barrel and receiver.
Outer Barrel: Silver Outer Barrel VSR-10
Receiver: CNC VSR10 right-hand tactical up-receiver Silver
And i don't know if they will fit my Cm.701
And i need information what hopup rubber i should choose, so far i am thinking maple leaf 70 degree.
Third problem is my bolt handle, it always unscrews, i tried red thread lock, blue thread lock, nothing works. I mean the vibrations that i get with m170 are crazy.

If someone knows any shops in EU i could get this stuff cheaper, i would love if you shared them with me.
Thanks for those who read this. Il accept any hellp i can get. ( this is my sniper)
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Military camouflage Camouflage Plant Marines Military person
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