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Vsr 10 clones

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I was wondering what clones of the vsr 10 are good. I'm in the uk and need a two-tone gun. I've looked at the bar 10 but haven't found any of them in the uk so the Bar is not an option.:shrug: Preferably the price should be around £130. I've heard that the hfc vsr 11 is ok if you take out the recoil weights. Also i had a look at the cyma snipers but they got mixed reviews.
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I think ill get it and maybe some upgrades
Any suggestions?
Try harder. JG Bar 10 is the asnwer.

I have a TM G-Spec that I change almost everything. (Spent a lot of money for a better stock? With almost the same quality of JG Bar 10). Just using the stock and the hop up, that, if I have the possibility to change for AA chamber + Maple Leaf Autobot 60º or 70º, I will do.
I was thinking a FN Herstal spr A5m (

:shrug:Ill have another look for a bar though
Can't seem to find the bar 10 on Taiwangun or anywhere else.:(
The problem is i need it two tone for the uk as i don't have a ukra.
Ill have a look for the well mb03 if you think it would be better than the Fn Herstal.
Thanks anyway

EDIT: What about the cm701b? or is that just junk?
OK it seems like an OK rifle with a few upgrades.
I might get it as i cant find a bar anywhere
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ok now i have no clue what to do.
Oh well

(Get it oh WELL ... ok then)
As Ekashooter said, try harder. Less than a minute of googleing.

Get the two tone service for it.
You sir are a legend
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Taiwan gun don't do two tone but gunfire do
Thanks anyway
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