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Vsr 10 clones

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I was wondering what clones of the vsr 10 are good. I'm in the uk and need a two-tone gun. I've looked at the bar 10 but haven't found any of them in the uk so the Bar is not an option.:shrug: Preferably the price should be around £130. I've heard that the hfc vsr 11 is ok if you take out the recoil weights. Also i had a look at the cyma snipers but they got mixed reviews.
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I can vouch for the WELL. Sure, the stock feels a little flimsy but for the price it's hard to beat.

Take a look at They are, despite the name, based in Poland and shipping to the UK won't be that bad. They have the MB03 in stock for 60 euros, which is a bargain if you ask me.

They also had the JG in stock last time I checked. Make use of it while you're still part of the EU :hehe:
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