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Vsr 10 feedback!

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Hi everyone. I am planning on building my first Vsr and hope you guys could give me some feedback on this build. Thank you in advance =)

Base- echo 1 psr (jp-88)
Aa hop up chamber
Aa zero trigger with blue 90 degree piston
Maple leaf autobot 70 bucking
Aa m150 spring
Aa 6.01 x 430mm barrel
Aa barrel spacers
Aa cylinder and cylinder head
Aa spring guide
Bbs .3 (undecided still)
I have never upgraded an airsoft gun before and assuming I air seal everything properly, what type or performance can I expect with this build?
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Thank you for the bb suggestion... what brand would you choose? That was kind of my goal though ... 100 yards
OK thank you for your response!
Yeah I wasn't sure about bb size... .4s it is ... I also should say that 100 yards was about my "max range" I had in mind... like stretching it out for the occasional kill... it would be crazy to see 100 plus yard shots very consistently though haha... thank you for your feedback!
I guess I can always get the m170 and cut it down if I think it's too much
I have until February till the field close to me opens up... I'm sure I can get the m170 broken in by then =)
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I would just add weight to the piston to slow it down. Then once the spring has worn in, take the weight off and your fps will then go back up.
What do you think about going with a 6.03 430mm aa barrel instead of the 6.01?
What are your field limits?
I think you could order some .43g white bbs from Geoffs if you plan to use 550+ fps on a 430mm barrel.
Field limits ( I believe ) are 600fps.. I looked around and did more research last night and decided I would go with the .43s ... I try to be a perfectionist haha and accuracy is a must!
Where do you guys order Geoff bbs from?
Thank you ... and are there decent alternatives just incase I can't find any in stock?
Thanks for the help guys ... tactical advantage had some
1 - 11 of 24 Posts
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