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Vsr 10 feedback!

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Hi everyone. I am planning on building my first Vsr and hope you guys could give me some feedback on this build. Thank you in advance =)

Base- echo 1 psr (jp-88)
Aa hop up chamber
Aa zero trigger with blue 90 degree piston
Maple leaf autobot 70 bucking
Aa m150 spring
Aa 6.01 x 430mm barrel
Aa barrel spacers
Aa cylinder and cylinder head
Aa spring guide
Bbs .3 (undecided still)
I have never upgraded an airsoft gun before and assuming I air seal everything properly, what type or performance can I expect with this build?
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What are your field limits?
I think you could order some .43g white bbs from Geoffs if you plan to use 550+ fps on a 430mm barrel.
What do you think about going with a 6.03 430mm aa barrel instead of the 6.01?
I don't think you will be able to see any difference other than the 6.03 is more forgiving on shitty and dirty bbs.
Field limits ( I believe ) are 600fps.. I looked around and did more research last night and decided I would go with the .43s ... I try to be a perfectionist haha and accuracy is a must!
Stick to the 600fps instead of the 550 then. Using a .43g will give you more range and accuracy.
Where do you guys order Geoff bbs from?
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You can see if a company called BioAttack could ship them to you. It's a Brazilian brand and honestly I think they are better than the Geoffs.
But you will have to ask them in english and hope they could get back to you.

I could do the stuff for you and send the packages to you if you are willing.

You can talk to them through facebook.

PS: The sniper series are not bio bbs
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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