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Vsr 10 feedback!

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Hi everyone. I am planning on building my first Vsr and hope you guys could give me some feedback on this build. Thank you in advance =)

Base- echo 1 psr (jp-88)
Aa hop up chamber
Aa zero trigger with blue 90 degree piston
Maple leaf autobot 70 bucking
Aa m150 spring
Aa 6.01 x 430mm barrel
Aa barrel spacers
Aa cylinder and cylinder head
Aa spring guide
Bbs .3 (undecided still)
I have never upgraded an airsoft gun before and assuming I air seal everything properly, what type or performance can I expect with this build?
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Thank you ... and are there decent alternatives just incase I can't find any in stock?
Honestly I had a hard time finding a decent white bb that I could see. Geoff'S are the best I've ever used, and i think they keep a good stock l. I wouldn't waste $$ on any others
You can see if a company called BioAttack could ship them to you. It's a Brazilian brand and honestly I think they are better than the Geoffs.
But you will have to ask them in english and hope they could get back to you.

I could do the stuff for you and send the packages to you if you are willing.

You can talk to them through facebook.

PS: The sniper series are not bio bbs
Thanks for the help guys ... tactical advantage had some
There is not much difference between 6.01mm and 6.03mm. You will gain about 20fps with 6.01mm. All the longest shots have been done with tight bore barrels as well.
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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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