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Hello Everyone,

I have some time ago upgraded my G-Spec with the following parts:

Action Army VSR 10 G-Spec (300mm) 6.03 Precision Barrel
Action Army VSR Rifle Replacement Hop Unit - CNC Aluminium
Action Army Sniper Barrel Spacers
Action Army M150 upgrade spring TM VSR series rifles
Maple Leaf Omage Nub / Tensioner (Airsoft)
Maple Leaf - Monster Hop Rubbers GBB / VSR / WE / TM - 50 60 70 75 80 Degree [70]
AirsoftPro CNC Zero Trigger Kit For VSR Version 4 5377

However i am struggling to get high FPS with this set up. My current numbers are:

426fps with 0.2g
392fps with 0.25g
363fps with 0.36g

I am mainly using 0.36g as they look to give best performance, but the fps with 0.2 looks really bad.

Can someone please advise on what might be wrong with this set up and what could i improve to get closer to 500fps with 0.2...

I cant get good seal either, if i put my finger against the end of the barrel, the air gets out through somewhere else.

Any advise would be appreciated.
Your fps does seem low. I just installed a AA M150 spring in a standard VSR-10 and my fps was 505 with 2g. I cut two coils and now my fps is about 470 with 2g..
I don't know about the G-spec. With your shorter barrel, less fps?
Check your air seal. If there is no problem with your air seal, install a M-170 spring and cut a couple of coils to reach desired fps.
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