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VSR-10 G-Spec with upgrades for sale.

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Sadly im going to be selling my beloved VSR it has done me well in a nice hand full of OP's and to my fullest respect i say good bye to it and good bye to the sniping word of airsoft.
Im a J.r in highschool and the year is about to come to an end. I got hit with the fact that im going to San Fransico State verry soon (at least thats how i see it) and im going to need the money for various if not important reasons. The prices i put are the prices i bought the part/and or gun for.
I will not be willing to sell anything seprate. No if, and's, or but's what has been said has been said. Sorry for the demanding sound.

-Laylax VSR-10 Zero Trigger (Standard, with High Pressure Piston)
-Laylax PSS10 VSR10 Spring Guide
-Laylax PSS10 150SP VSR10 Spring
-Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-SPEC Spring Rifle (OD Green)
-NC Star 3-9x50E Scope Black
-PDI VSR-10 6.01 Tight Bore Barrel 303mm

My starting price will be at $685.00. I can make exceptions but no low balls, and this isnt black friday so dont be expecting me dropping the price allot.
Pictures will be posted up verry soon. And if your wondering how much its been used i would say 5 OP's and 4 pick up games exactly. And for the future owner of this gun please respect it with all your heart remember that it used to be someone's baby. Thank you, sani out.
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