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VSR-10 Hop up arm

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Does anyone know where to get a VSR-10 hop up arm? I started getting accuracy issues, tore down the gun, and realized one of the arms that presses on the bucking was cracked. It broke of in my hand. So, now I have a hop up arm with only 1 arm going down, and a super glued piece of TV rabbit ear antenna going across it. I haven't shot it to see how horrendous the groupings are, but I wanted to start trying to find a new one. Google has yielded no results so far. Anyone got any help?
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Pretty sure they dont do after markret ones :( You may just be better of modifying your arm by removing the other ear and glueing a small section of biro tube in its place ;) I know of a couple of guys who have done it over here and they seem to think the results are on a par with the original arm :)
Your idea is sound in theory but will end up disappointing in practice :( The H nubs are solid plastic, so there is no variation in pressure applied to the bb, what you have is too flexible and you have no way of regulating accurately the pressure applied to the bb. Take a look for what I did to my SPR hop, the results were good, and if you removed your broken ears and replaced it with something similar I don't think you will be disappointed, just be real accurate when sticking it to the centre of the arm ;)
Some of the force would be dissapated through the hop rubber, but the issue here is inconsistancy, as because your hop arm is flexable it will never fire at exactly the same pressure twice, which is why you will find that alot of the high end sniper rifles dont use a bit of rubber tube as a bucking but either a direct hop, same as the VSR or a solid hard piece of rubber, same as CA M24 etc. Because there is less variation in the bucking the bb gets the same pressure every time, (the only weak link being the hop rubber itself, which is why you should always fit the highest quality 1 you can get), this gives you better shot to shot consistency which is what the ultimate goal is that you should be heading for, after all range is nice but no good at all if you cant tell where its going to land 50% of the time, you can always get alittle closer, and with a consistent rifle, know that the target is owned by you and you alone ;)
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