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VSR-10 Hop up arm

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Does anyone know where to get a VSR-10 hop up arm? I started getting accuracy issues, tore down the gun, and realized one of the arms that presses on the bucking was cracked. It broke of in my hand. So, now I have a hop up arm with only 1 arm going down, and a super glued piece of TV rabbit ear antenna going across it. I haven't shot it to see how horrendous the groupings are, but I wanted to start trying to find a new one. Google has yielded no results so far. Anyone got any help?
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Damn. Well, I'll get to shoot it on Sunday to see how my modification works. I have the firefly bucking in it, and now it gets spread out into almost a hexagonal shape. It almost seems like a better shape (but, I'm not a designer of such things). Thanks anyways.
So, since this has happened I've been thinking a lot. With AEG's the new hop fad is the H-nub. Supposedly it gives better bb contour and better spin. Now, when I add hop-up, the arm pushes down on the bucking and spreads the legs apart much like an H-nub. My question is this, does anyone else run a bolt action with a hop up that looks like this (looking through the receiver into the barrel), and if so, does it work well?

Oh, yay for craptastic MS Paint diagrams, hopefully everyone understands what I'm trying to show.

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Care to elaborate on that?
Thanks for the link.

As far as the hop arm, I'll hopefully get to shoot it later today to see just how horrible my modification is. Vindi, you said the material is to soft and would bend. I was messing with some of it, and it takes a decent amount of force to bend it out of shape. Does the bb really exert a lot of pressure on the hop arm? Or does it all get dissipated through the bucking?
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