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VSR-10 Revitalizing Help

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Hello everyone, for the record this is my first post. I could not find the introduction thread so please, don't yell at me to go do that :/.

First things first, for Christmas this year I'm looking to upgrade my TM VSR-10 Clone (JG-BAR 10) even further.

As of right now, it is stripped completely. I have a 6.01mm inner barrel, stock hop-up and a firefly bucking. Stock cylinder with an ASGI Piston and spring guide. Running a 190 spring and a zero trigger. (Over a years use, no wear to the zero trigger whatsoever)

Since my main question was answered, from looking above, and not going down the long dark hallway of PDI parts, what should I upgrade?

-> Bumping down to an M150 Spring, Purchasing a (new) Stock Hop-up since I just broke mine.

I also do not like my stock receiver and wish to upgrade that too. If I do purchase the PDI receiver, will my stock outer barrel fit it?
Sub question -> What is the difference between the two? and

If you have any questions regarding my research, could you please ask because it may help and finalize my decision.

Thanks, iKontradiction
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Buy the TM Precision chamber from Airsoft Atlanta:

I believe a couple of HK or Japanese shops also have it with more reliable stock than AA.

It is better than the stock chamber (although still shim and all that), but doesn't need the full PDI internals of the PDI chamber. If you decide to go PDI internals, might as well get the PDI chamber, but I've heard horror stories about the finickiness of the PDI system.
I do not believe so, as I have a PDI outer barrel on a stock TM receiver. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the bull barrel base (part of the outer barrel before the hop-up) and the barrel (part after the hop-up) are both PDI.
So, the VSR that I have has three parts to the outer barrel system:

Receiver: (note: I do not have the Bore Up in my rifle, I have a stock JG receiver, this is simply to show what the part looks like.)

Barrel base:

And Barrel:

I know that the PDI barrel must be used with the PDI Barrel Base. However, I believe that the receiver used is irrelevant, as I am using the PDI outer barrel with a JG receiver.
Alright, Just my .02, the PDI barrel is a work of art.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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