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Vsr-10 Slam fire

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Hey everyone-created account to try and solve my current problem.

Got myself vsr-10 (well) second hand. It had some problems and missing screws here and there or stripped one (wich i replaced) etc
it has airsoftpro parts wich are:

spring guide
and zero trigger

and SHS cylinder.

The problem started recently with slam fire after assembling everything.when i pull back cylinder to maximum its just slams back,now i don't know if it actually can be wrong cylinder inner diameter (can't find any info about difference if there is any between shs or airsoftpro cylinders) Sear (at least for me ) doesn't look that bad. Also i noticed that the second sear ( that pone going through trigger box to cylinder) is kind of loose.

Any ideas what i could be ? i can add photos of sear etc if its needed.Tried to find similar problem on forum but at the end still can't solve my problem.

Cheers! ;)
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I would take it all apart and make sure you didn't misalign something or that there aren't any broken parts/pieces. I have seen slam firing occur when the trigger unit is loose/sloppy or a sear is worn/broken.

Also please make an intro post, and welcome to the forum! There is a TON of information on this site.
yeah sounds like you put together wrong. Make sure the spring is on the guide
Well i took apart whole trigger and everything was right but in meantime i realized when i pull a bit 2nd sear(that one going thru trigger up to cylinder) i can fire once, i think it might be something with spring guide.
could be. If it isnt sitting back far enough the piston wont catch the trigger sear
Maybe the sear isn't resetting itself to it's upward position, therefore it isn't catching the piston properly and it slams fire. It could be something related to the trigger springs.
that or it rubbing on the cylinder and not re setting
I seen same problem yestarday with echo 1 m28. The major problem of it is that 1st sear is moving too easily to left and right. The guy change the this sear (responsible to lock the piston and release it). I found it. Maybe this can help you.

How to fix and upgrade Echo1 M28 with VSR-10 Sear set parts. (slam fire)
Search by this title on youtube.

Ps.: I dont know how to put youtube link here
It says it has an airsoftpro zero trigger, so I doubt that's a fix for him.
It says it has an airsoftpro zero trigger, so I doubt that's a fix for him.
To cry or laugh?

Hey guys today came parts and when i came home tried to see if the problem persists after changing spring guide (previous one was in terrible state after comparision)-1st sear starting to have that "U" shape but i doubt i will find replacement for AP trigger (if im correct its 1ver.)
Anyway after putting cylinder with everything in and checking how 2nd sear fits its loose and doesn't actually catch the spring guide (which should i suppose?) Now the thing is if i should change cylinder to new one (AP one for compatibility) or try to add something at the end of the cylinder, some kind of spacer (behind spring guide and 2nd sear to push it more towards spring guide)

here are photos, probably from the stripped sear (which would be also the culprit)
and of 2nd sear in place .

EDIT:About the trigger springs -sear is straight 90,after assembling and tightening screws everything works as its supposed to be.


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The sear catches the piston when the spring is compressed, not the the spring guide (which rests at the back of the cylinder against the spring guide stopper).

EDIT: Check this thread, it might help:

Some question, was it working before? When did the slam fire start, was it after changing any parts? Were any of the stripped screws the ones that hold the trigger unit to the receiver?

That sear looks worn out a bit, but should still work. Even if the AirsoftPro trigger isn't the best one out there it should be working (especially if it has before). Maybe the lower wall of the receiver is a bit too thick (somewhat a know issue in some clones) and that's causing the trigger unit to sit too low and far away from the cylinder/piston. Maybe it worked at first because it slightly catched the piston, but now that's a bit worn out it might not be catching any more. Check and see if the sears are protruding into the cylinder enough (separate barrel from receiver, insert cylinder without head or internals and look from the front). It can be solved by filing the bottom of the receiver a bit so the trigger unit sit a bit higher.
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Well it worked partially before but slammed every 2-3 shots.replaced stripped bolts,tightened everything fixed hopup unit and then problem appeared.trigger sits tight on receiver.
So far only part changed is spring guide and spring(for AA since AP ones sucks)but problem occurred on original spring.Ordered steel cylinder recommended for AP trigger.Maybe the inner diameter of cylinder is bigger and piston doesn't go back straight so the sear cant catch it properly( or maybe it stripped before a bit sear after few slam fires).

and that topic about AP trigger box problems ,I've read them before tried suggested fixes but that didn't help a lot still.

And about that 2nd sear. Originally on youtube AP shows that you need to hammer it in place,mine goes straight to the bottom of cylinder just by pushing fingers,same with taking it off.Will see if the problems persist after changing cylinder.Else i will grind off abit trigger box.

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