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Hey, I need to run this over and get a few answers on these parts.
These are the Parts I will be getting:
1. PDI ezy hard piston.
2. PDI v-trigger.
3. PDI version 2 variable hop up chamber.
4. PDI tapered cylinder head.
5. PDI VSR-10 spring guide.
6. PDI 140 spring.
7. EDGI 6.01mm tightbore
What I needed cleared up is, will the tapered cylinder head fit the stock TM VSR and JG bar-10 cylinder? It will be a temporary bolt till I make my next order for the Bull barrel.
Also do I need any other sort of parts for the hop up chamber, like a bucking or nub.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi flea. I have a bore up PDI kit, and I compared the cylinder head with a stock TM VSR cylinder and (of course it was bigger) however, it seems that it would fit if it were regular size, but don't hold me to that. Where the problem would occur is with the threads. They will have to match, and you have a greater chance of them not matching than matching. I know that mixing cylinder parts is not recommended, but the Laylax PSS10 air seal damper cylinder head does fit the stock cylinder from what I hear. (I have no personal experience with it, but I have seen builds with it so it must!). I have the version 1 PDI VSR-10 hop up and I bought a SCS nub for it. Takes some time to secure it and tune i, but it works well for me.
I hope I helped! Goodluck!
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