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Hi Guys,

I have been borrowing an upgarded sniper for a while and decided it's time I purchased and upgraded my own. I want a VSR10 but not 100% sure on whether I am selecting the correct parts for the goals I am going to mention below along with compatibility.

The goals I would like to get out of the build are:
  1. Reliability
  2. Distance
  3. A quiet gun
After doing some research I have decided on some parts but unsure on a fewand looking for your inputs and advice.

Parts i've decided on:
  • Hop Unit - AA Hop Chamber
  • Hop Rubber - Maple Leaf 60 degree
  • Cylinder - AA (This comes with a cylinder head, is it any good or worth getting a different one)
    • Sorbo pad for cylinder head
  • Spring Guide - AA
Other parts i'd like to upgrade but unsure on what brand to go with:
  • Spring - Site limit is 500 so guessing an M150/ M140 should do the trick
  • Piston - AA 90 degree vs LayLax PSS10
  • Trigger - SWC 90 degree S-Trigger vs AA 90 degree vs stock trigger with upgarded steel set
  • Barrel - Completely unsure on what to go with.

Apart from the parts i've mentioned is there anything else I would need to achieve the goals i've mentioned I want to get out of upgrading the sniper?
I will be adding DIY barrel spacers or purcashing some to decrease vibration from the inner barrel.

Cheers guys :)

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those parts are good. The aa piston is cheaper so id go with that. m150 should put you right at your limit. the stock trigger w/ new sears will still wear down because of the 45 degree angle, juts not as quickly. s trigger is top 3 triggers so id go with that one. But if on a budget, the aa comes with a piston. for a barrels, edgi and pdi is at the top. but the maple leaf crazy jet is almost as good for half the price. also, you can lap the cj to make the internal finish better. ask @SiliconeSword about that.
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