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VSR accuracy upgrades.

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Hello, so I have decided to upgrade my VSR finally since school is almost out. Now I was wondering what kind of upgrades I should get? I am going with accuracy over power. The reason for that is well if you have a powerful rifle but its not accurate what is the point. Also power upgrades are easy. so can you please let me know on what upgrades I should buy. looking at max $200.
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Well one reason I don't want to do power right now is, last time I upgraded power with my L96 think I was shooting 480fps with a .30 gram BB, and I nailed this kid in the side of his face. He dropped to the ground crying I would say he was about 8 years old. Now before you say "why did you aim for his face?" well I didn't my L96 had a natural curve up and I thought I was low enough. Anyways is there anyway I can get that precision TM chamber in the states? I don't like ordering from overseas because of their crisis.
China's financial crisis from what I heard, just cautious about it. also power isn't everything I could probably get 200 feet out of a decent hop up system even if its only 300fps.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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